New journeys, stories and learn videos

Our co-creator Alexander gives you a view behind the scenes of our company. Background information, anecdotes, little stories and announcements that interest you. 

What our community members say:
"Keep on doing the good work and send these nice mails (sometimes they really make my day)"

— Lore from Belgium
"It’s awesome what you’re doing. I wonder what one would do to have ON BOARD in Uganda because Uganda has a wide range of tourism scenarios and the youth here loves traveling and learning. It would be wonderful if you guys brought ON BOARD to Uganda."

— Mukamire from Uganda
What people we're fans of say:
"I'm impressed with the work the ON BOARD team has put together. It's like a school on wheels but done with intention. In the US we have a cartoon for kids that's called the "Magic School Bus" putting students into great situations and crazy adventures, then of course wrapping it all back to learning. ON BOARD is great!"

— Ethan Knight, founder of American Gap Association,

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